The Pilates Place Academy is the Education Center for the renowned American educational institution Peak Pilates. Peak Pilates offers  certifying programmes for all levels Mat and also the Peak Pilates Comprehensive (PPC) programme.  PPC is the most complete training programme  where you learn how to work with all Pilates equipment. The Peak Pilates teaching method is based on a success formula  of 5 principles _ 5- part formula for success. This formula is also an important support for students during their future development of their professional skills as trainers, also after the course. These courses all include  a well illustrated manual with all exercises and the theory dealt with during the course, in a clear and understandable way. After having completed the course successfully you haven’t only mastered the exercises, but you also know how to instruct a Pilates lesson.

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Peak Pilates Comprehensive program

The Peak Pilates Certificate programme  consists of three levels. In each level you will learn how to teach according to the original Pilates –method on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel and small accessories. You will receive all the tools to become a fantastic Pilates trainer. The complete programme consists of three levels; this will allow you to decide yourself when to move to the next level. The first level,

-–PPC 1—consists of 4 three-day modules and is supported by an excellent Manual and DVD.

Basic Mat Basic

The Basic Mat  course is the foundation for a successful start as a Pilates trainer. This course takes 2 days and a few components dealt with are:

  • The basic principles of the Pilates method
  • The basic classical Pilates exercises
  • The Peak Pilates teaching formula (5-part formula for success)

The Basic Mat course includes a well illustrated manual, instructor DVDs and an exam during the training weekend.


This following part of the Mat programme includes an intensive course, based on expanding further the on the width and depth.

This course takes 2 days. New exercises are dealt with and the Pilates vocabulary will be expanded further. We analyse the intermediate exercises and go deeper into the Pilates principles.

Furthermore we deal with:

  • New intermediate exercises
  • Key Concepts for a better understanding of the exercises
  • Touch techniques and cueing
  • Common “do’s and don’ts” and contra indications for the exercises

The Intermediate Mat course includes a well illustrated manual, instructor DVD and exam during the training weekend.

Advanced Mat

In the last part of the Mat programme we go further into the knowledge and experience from the Basic and Intermediate Mat.

We learn how to apply advanced exercises in the Mat order. Moreover we enhance and word further on our own technique. We also work on refining the touch-techniques and on how to adapt the exercises to the needs of the participants.

MVe Chair Instructor Workshop

The MVe Chair Workshop is a two-day training. The aim is to hand over the tools  for giving effective group lessons on the MVe Chair. The workshop enhances your already existing knowledge as a fitness/Pilates professional. The focus is on the Perfect 10 exercises which form an excellent and well balanced basis in which the rest of the MVe programme is extended including modifications and variations on the exercises. Including 3 pre-choreographed workouts, training the entire body.

These workshops teach you;

  • how to use the MVe instructor materials effectively
  • the 5 basic body positions we use on the MVe Chair
  • the Classical Pilates Principles and universal alignment concepts
  • the 4 steps teaching method (S.E.A.T.) for MVe Chair
  • how to give a multi level lesson safely and effectively
  • Perfect Ten exercises, Super Series and Fusion exercises

Course Materials

  • Complete and well illustrated Instructor Manual
  • Instructor workshop workbook
  • Instructor DVD explaining every exercise, from set-up to performance
  • MVe Everybody Chair workout DVD
  • MVe Challenge Chair workout DVD
  • MVe Sculp Chair workout DVD


There are no exams. A certificate is handed out after having followed the complete workshop. 100% Presence is required.

Continuing Education Credits

16 Peak Pilates CECs