Masterclass with Helga

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of Pilates while improving your personal technique? Then a Masterclass with Master Trainer Helga Sylvester is perfect for you. Enjoy personalized attention and focus on your specific needs and questions. Everything is thoroughly covered and there is time allotted to take notes and ask questions, so you can grow optimally and perfect your Pilates skills. Moreover, the knowledge you gain is directly applicable to both your personal practice and, for Pilates professionals, in teaching.


  • Acquire knowledge to improve personal techniques.
  • Deepen your teaching skills.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into Pilates.

Who is it for? A Masterclass is ideal for Pilates professionals and enthusiasts who want to take their personal technique to the next level and gain more in-depth knowledge of Pilates. The Masterclass is scheduled individually, by appointment.

Flexible Learning Options: A Masterclass can be scheduled either Live or Online, with a minimum duration of 2 hours. Contact us for prices and to register: