Master Trainer Helga Sylvester Expertise in back issues and her

Meet Helga Sylvester, the founder of The Pilates Academy and a leading figure in the world of Pilates. Her impressive career includes:

  • Over a decade of experience as an international teacher and senior master instructor for Peak Pilates®.
  • Certification of more than 1000 individuals worldwide, spreading her passion for Pilates globally.
  • nia rehabilitation, bringing relief and recovery to countless individuals.
  • Training professional athletes and specializing in injury prevention.
  • Advising and coaching entrepreneurs on establishing successful Pilates studios.
  • Designing custom training programs for Pilates entrepreneurs and fitness organizations.
  • Inventing the revolutionary Pilates Reformer concept, known as The Ultimate Reformer Workout®.

Helga’s dedication inspires people around the world to unlock their full potential through Pilates.