The MVe Chair Workshop is a two-day training. The aim is to hand over the tools  for giving effective group lessons on the MVe Chair. The workshop enhances your already existing knowledge as a fitness/Pilates professional. The focus is on the Perfect 10 exercises which form an excellent and well balanced basis in which the rest of the MVe programme is extended including modifications and variations on the exercises. Including 3 pre-choreographed workouts, training the entire body.

These workshops teach you;

  • how to use the MVe instructor materials effectively
  • the 5 basic body positions we use on the MVe Chair
  • the Classical Pilates Principles and universal alignment concepts
  • the 4 steps teaching method (S.E.A.T.) for MVe Chair
  • how to give a multi level lesson safely and effectively
  • Perfect Ten exercises, Super Series and Fusion exercises

Course Materials

  • Complete and well illustrated Instructor Manual
  • Instructor workshop workbook
  • Instructor DVD explaining every exercise, from set-up to performance
  • MVe Everybody Chair workout DVD
  • MVe Challenge Chair workout DVD
  • MVe Sculp Chair workout DVD